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Buy the Best Scented Candles Online in India

Discover aromas that speak your emotion and takes you places making you feel special and wanted!

All of us are familiar with fragrances, that upon reaching our brains through our olfactory senses, remind us of a place buried deep in our nostalgia. Like the smell of eucalyptus might take you down the memory lane to your school days when you smelt your hands after running them through tree leaves. Or might it be the scent of jasmine that takes you back on the driver’s seat to the road trip you took on a bike.

All in all, these fragrances affect our brains that stimulate emotions. And by nature, we humans are the first and foremost emotional beings who are triggered and motivated by emotions. Though it might be impossible to get those days back, we can surely light a scented candle in our space to reminisce about the journey and unwind after a heavy day.

Buy Aromatic Candles for a Fulfilling Experience

Scented candles are a stress buster used to enhance the ambience and aroma of any closed space. Stimulating your emotions and behaviours that remind you of what is important or unimportant to you.

Like when you light-up or use a candle on a romantic dinner or in your living room as a home decor item.  Now-a-days it is also used in self-care.


Order Fragrant Candles at Great Prices

Don’t just buy our beautiful candles online but enjoy its therapeutic vibe and sulk in the dawning of positivity.

We also bring a blend of non-fragrant and long-lasting candles that positively affect you and your living space, namely your bedroom and bathroom. 



Choose From our Heavenly Scented Blends

At giBOX, we provide various scented candle blend types online to conjure wellness for the mind, body, and soul. One is a set of single-blend fragrance candles, and the other oozes out multiple fragrances. 

Single Blend Fragrances

  • Klaude Monet (with exotic Rose extracts)
  • White Monarch (with graceful Jasmine fragrance)
  • Fireflies Meadow (with the citrusy orange extracts)
  • Forest Blush (with the lush aroma of Sandalwood)
  • Hazel Aurora (imbibed with the spicy notes of Cinnamon)
  • Holy Moly (a legendary blend of Lavender extracts)
  • Mexican Totonak (with the joyful fragrance of Vanilla).

Multiple Blend Fragrances

  • Divine Focus (a powerful blend of Bergamot, Cashmere, Lemon and White Musk)
  • Eternal Happiness (a mix of Tropical Flowers with White Musk)
  • Kamasutra Fantasy (a sensuous blend of Cedar, Juniper and Berries)
  • Orb of Night (an exotic blend of Lavender and Eucalyptus)
  • Tropical Paradise (a citrous mix of Orange and Apple fragrance)

We at giBOX have kept the top, heart and base notes of the fragrance pyramid in mind to give you thirteen distinct yet harmonized scented candle options to help you unwind in a hierarchy of emotionally created sensations. 


The natural essential oils in the candles are very strong, so they are blended with soy wax and other synthetic oils well below the permissible limit to give you a pleasant experience.


Try our Fragrance Candles for Gifting

You can order our scented candles for occasions like Diwali Gifting
and Christmas, among others.

Our scented candles are also a brilliant gifting option for your friends and colleagues who are either into aroma therapy or enjoy the scented candle lighting routine to unpack once in a while.

With us, you will experience the smoothest online delivery of our candles at your doorstep.

Uplift your Mood in the Comfort of your Home


We worked on Four major factors affecting your mood to give you the soothing experience giBOX intends.

  1. Stress Management: Apples, Bergamot and Lemons fragrance helps reduce stress.
  2. Cravings Management: If you have a sweet tooth and love to eat sweets after every meal, then Vanilla scented candles can help with dessert cravings at night.
  3. Aroma Therapy: These essential oils are known to help in Aromatherapy, in which each oil has its benefits.
  4. Relaxant Properties: If relaxation is your aim, then Lavender Candles are appropriate for giving you a good night’s sleep. Jasmine-based candles also do magical relaxation to some extent.


Frequently Asked Questions (Scented Candles)


What are the uses of scented jar candles?

Our candles can be gifted as a luxury hamper, on festive occasions and bought for your bedrooms or bathrooms for soothing and stimulating experience.

How long do these scented candles last?

Our candles are long-lasting as soy wax has a low melting point.

How many sizes do your fragrance candles have?

We sell two sizes of scented candle, one being the 400 gram one with three wicks and the other is 200 grams which comes with two wicks.

Does your candle have a cotton wick?

Yes, it’s a medium sized cotton wick that doesn’t create smoke and helps in reducing tunnelling.

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