The Unflawed Courtesy

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The Unflawed Courtesy

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Elegance entrapped in exotic toilet utensils to give your bathroom a luxury aura. The box includes a Steel Soap dispenser, cotton jar, tooth-brush holder, soap dish and a quadrilateral tray.

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Printed on a cosmic theme on the concept of dreams with abstract patterns in radiant matte black textures, this classic box conceptualizes on stimulating the soulful tradition of gifting. A premium box with roof top lifting style of opening the box.

Unit( Set/Pcs) : Set Of 5 Pcs

Product Size (L X W X H) : Tray - 25.5cm X 19cm X 1.5cm
Soap Dish - 13cm X 13cm X 4.50cm
Brush Holder - 7.5cm X 7.5cm X 13cm
Soap Dispenser - 8cm X 7cm X 18.5cm
Cotton Jar - 9cm X 9cm X 10.5cm

Weight : Tray - 0.41kg
Soap Dish - 0.180kg
Brush Holder - 0.26kg
Soap Dispenser - 0.230kg
Cotton Jar - 0.33kg

Material : Steel

Country of Origin : India

Disclaimer : The product that you see in the images may differ slightly than the actual product due to obvious and natural presence of human touch in photography, videography, and light.

Our patented giftbox exclusively comes with the finest handcrafted artefacts of premium quality designed with optimum care by our inhouse artisans. They are unique, priceless, and best in the market. – If you have any queries regarding how to care for your product. Feel free to go through our Care Instructions!

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