Shogi Crystal Chess Board Set

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Shogi Crystal Chess Board Set

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Be transparent as our crystal chess pieces. Bring home our beautiful crystal-acrylic chess board set with fine chess pieces. A brainstorming chess game that teaches a very basic life lesson “Move in silence and only speak when it is time to say checkmate. Relive a fairy tale of thousand blunders by playing chess.

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Our philosophy stands on a well-crafted base to bring together the beauty of aesthetic appeal and making of the article based on your desire.

• Elegant Clarity: Crafted from high-quality crystal acrylic, this chess board offers a luxurious and clear playing surface, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your chess matches.
• Precision Craftsmanship: Meticulously imported and constructed with precision, the 30cm x 30cm x 10.5cm dimensions ensure a perfectly sized board for strategic gameplay.
• Durability in Design: Engineered for durability, the crystal acrylic material is resilient to scratches and wear, ensuring a long-lasting investment in your chess gaming experience.
• Stable Base: The sturdy base provides stability during intense matches, preventing unintended shifts or disruptions, and allowing players to focus on their strategies without any distractions.
• Versatile Elegance: Whether you are a casual player or a serious chess enthusiast, the imported crystal acrylic chess board effortlessly complements any setting.

Unit( Set/Pcs) : 1 Pc

Product Size (L X W X H) : 30cm X 30cm X 10.5cm

Weight : 5.34 KG

Material : Crystal, Acrylic

Country of Origin : China

Disclaimer : The gorgeous chess set that you see in the images may differ slightly than the actual product due to obvious and natural presence of human touch in photography, videography, and light.

Our luxurious chess board & pieces stand exclusively comes with the finest handcrafted artefacts of premium quality designed with optimum care by our inhouse artisans.
They are unique, priceless, and best in the market. – If you have any queries regarding how to care for your product. Feel free to go through our Care Instructions!

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