Holy Moly Enamel Votive

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Holy Moly Enamel Votive

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Kindle a sense of tranquillity and harmony with our hand-poured scented candles infused with the captivating fragrance of lavender. Crafted with care using natural soy wax, the candle creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, enveloping your space with an exquisite aroma that transports you to a world of serenity. Encased in a mesmerizing bowl-shaped enamelled jar votive, the candle effortlessly blends into any decor, radiating elegance and sophistication.

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A candle is more than just a fragrant piece of décor. It is an olfactory object of expression, a time-machine that brings back nostalgia, and a therapeutic tool to conjure wellness for the mind, body, and soul.

Unit( Set/Pcs) : 1 Pc

Product Size (L X W X H) : 9.5cm X 9.5cm X 9cm

Weight : 0.3 KG

Material : Wax, SS

Country of Origin : India

Disclaimer : The product that you see in the images may differ slightly than the actual product due to obvious and natural presence of human touch in photography, videography, and light.

Our patented giftbox exclusively comes with the finest handcrafted artefacts of premium quality designed with optimum care by our inhouse artisans. They are unique, priceless, and best in the market. – If you have any queries regarding how to care for your product. Feel free to go through our Care Instructions!

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