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Play each game with the same joy you had in the beginning. Bring home unique game sets and spend your free time brainstorming and joyously enjoying each moment. Grab this one-of-a-kind Dominica domino set and plan an evening with your pals. Face down in two rows of three is the classic English pub approach. Each player must then place a tile on the table in such a way that it hits one end of the domino chain, which steadily grows in length. Play normally ends when one player "chips out," which signifies he has played his final domino, while some variants require both partners to chip out.

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Our philosophy stands on a well-crafted base to bring together the beauty of aesthetic appeal and making of the article based on your desire.

• Durable Wood and MDF Construction: Built to last with high-quality wood and MDF materials.
• Compact Design: It's a portable game for on-the-go fun, measuring 20.5cm x 7.50cm x 5cm.
• Indian Craftsmanship: Proudly crafted in India, showcasing local artistry and attention to detail.
• Classic Dominos: Enjoy the timeless game of Dominos with family and friends.
• Easy to Store: Compact size makes it easy to store in small spaces when not in use.

Unit( Set/Pcs) : 1 Pc

Product Size (L X W X H) : 20.5cm X 7.50cm X 5cm

Weight : 0.44 KG

Material : Wood, MDF

Country of Origin : India

Disclaimer : The product that you see in the images may differ slightly than the actual product due to obvious and natural presence of human touch in photography, videography, and light.

Our patented giftbox exclusively comes with the finest handcrafted artefacts of premium quality designed with optimum care by our inhouse artisans. They are unique, priceless, and best in the market. – If you have any queries regarding how to care for your product. Feel free to go through our Care Instructions!

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