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Table Decor

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Buy the Best Table Decorations Articles for a Pleasant Evening!

Do you also look around to find understated yet admirable furniture and pieces online that suits your decor and aren't in your face? Then you can put your search to rest as finally, your hunger for a perfect combination of design and functionality of a product shall satiate here.

giBOX evokes an exuberant and timeless experience of luxury living through its eclectic pieces that give you a fusion of modern, contemporary, and classic styles.

But you may be wondering, “Why bother about matching the tabletop decor to the overall theme of your space?”  Well, you might have to understand that multiple articles' themes make decor look busy and unsettling. After all, your place should tell a story to look inviting and exciting in the grand scheme of things.

Whether hosting formal events or informal, elegance is of the utmost importance. Supporting pieces, such as tabletop accents, classy candle holders, and frames with your main dinnerware play a critical role in ensuring that your overall decor will stand out.

On that note, do not be afraid to add touches of your personality to your home theme for a more elevated gathering.


Table Decor Ideas for Enhancing Every Corner of your Home

You can chalk out your decor looks based on different tables and their room aesthetics.

  • Centre Table Decor

When discussing decoration ideas, a great place to start is with a centrepiece. Centrepieces help set the theme of the room and serve a decorative purpose. While often used in formal functions or at seasonal times like Diwali, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, they are a great way to add a touch of glamour to a room, even on regular days.

Apart from that, you can use statement candle holders, accents, and clocks as charming centre table decor ideas. giBOX recommends trying the rarely found fusion decor articles like the 'Titanic showpiece' and the 'Beholder- Tealight Candle Holder,' among many others, for a charming setting.

  • A Guide to Dining Table Decor

A fantastic dining experience is aided by matching cutlery, flowers, cool dispensers, and candles. So, to make this vintage eating experience and leave a mark on your guests, try our unique dinnerware, serve ware, and scented candles that make you feel at home and on vacation at the same time.

We suggest our scented candle, Divine Focus, Hazel Aurora, that takes you to the festivities. We also recommend our jar candle stands like the Norway Spruce Hurricane, among many more, to set up your evening of fine dining.

  • Study Table Decor

When we talk about study, they are primarily situated in the corner of our living rooms or bedrooms. And sometimes, a whole space is dedicated to it. All the necessary things get done here, and thus, essentials take a front seat, and decor is secondary when considering products for it. But no one said we couldn't make it personal, aesthetic, and exciting.

Thus, our wide range of cute handcrafted wood and metal-infused picture frames, elegant table showpiece, desk organizers, card holders, and table clocks fulfil all your desk-related needs.


Gift the Best Table Accessories with giBOX

These tabletop decorations make great gifts for new homeowners and friends and elevate their home decor. When in doubt, check giBOX out!

Gifts here are beautifully wrapped in our signature packaging, making gifting a whole new experience. A walk through this elegant and sophisticated online store is a must to experience a journey like never before.


Frequently Asked Questions (Table Decor)


What are the basic rules to table decorating?

An elegant table decor would have well-spaced objects, an attractive centrepiece, a complimenting combination of themes and the articles, and a dash of positive aura.

What are the materials used in making your table decor items?

We have a range of items with differing materials, mentioned in the specifications of each product. You can refer to that on our website. For your basic understanding, we use MDF wood, aluminium, and fusions of nickel and brass to curate our articles.

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