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Multipurpose Crockery, Designed with Love!

Did you finally decide to ditch your old trays to find yourselves with breath-taking serving platters that match up with the lip-smacking dishes you make or add to the beauty of your dining table decor? Then don't worry, as you are at the right place!

A wide selection of food-containing vessels is available on our website, giBOX, to enhance any occasion or gathering.

One of the most incredible partners for all events involving informal gatherings, overnight visits with friends, birthday celebrations, festival celebrations, or a relaxed supper with the family are serve ware sets.

Serving bowls set with trays and jars are high-utility houseware items in terms of both practicality and aesthetics. One can easily represent any food in it, be it dry or liquid edibles. You can explore various shapes of trays to buy online and find the perfect fit.

Serving Platters, Bowls, Cake Stands and Much More to Make your Events Memorable!

They vary in material, style, colour, shape or size but always stick to functionality. To find the best serving sets to add to your dining and kitchenware, we suggest you choose the articles based on their functionality.

So, get ready and scroll up to find suitable serving crockery online!

Serving Bowl Sets

If you want to make a lasting impression on guests visiting your home, these silver metal square serving dishes are an excellent choice. Its one-of-a-kind design will attract attention. They make for fantastic housewarming gifts  and stylish utility products that can hold fruits, snacks, baked goods and more.

  • Our picks for a festive gathering at your place would be 'Hold the Beholder Bowl' and the 'Pumpkin Crest Bowl' to add extra sparkle to your event.

3 Section Trays

Our speciality is bringing creative solutions to your everyday serving problems. This elegant creation lets you do multiple snacks or dry fruits at once—one vessel is enough to get the job done as there would be fewer pile-ups of dishes to clean.

  • Make sure to give our Flurry-the-Snowman 3-section Dish a try, as that holds power to awe you and your guests equally.

Jar Sets

Jars are our best friends when storing dry food is considered. And who wouldn't want a big designer vessel resting at a corner of your table, holding the capacity to feed all your friends as they chill with you? If they ask you where you got it from, gift our jars as a birthday gift  to surprise them.

  • Our Arabic serving jar set is a giBOX exclusive worth investing in and enjoying with your loved ones.


giBOX has poured its heart and soul into creating a bunch of magnificent articles carved traditionally to give you the rick look that your kitchen and living room décor deserves. We have also made it easier for you by creating another set with attached dip bowls that are a cherry on top of our already beautiful platter trays.

  • Our hot-sellers, the Dragonfly Serving Platters and the Manus Chip and Dip Platter, are a must-try if you're looking for aesthetics in your platter collection.

Cake Stands

Cake serving plates give an elite appearance while keeping your cakes safe before consumption. Keeping this in mind, we have created unique stands that effortlessly blend with your home decor.

  • Suppose you want a jaw-dropping reaction at your birthday party. In that case, you must consider our 'Elliptical Beehive Cake Stand' that would create a buzz around itself.


Serveware Gifting Made Easy with giBOX India

Order our delicately moulded snack serving sets for anniversary gifts, birthday gifts and much more to leave a mark on them with your gifting range.

We also provide gifts for festivities that are appropriate as Diwali gifts, Holi, Christmas and New Year Gifts. Shop Right away before it's too late!


Frequently Asked Questions (Serveware)


What does a complete serve-ware ideally consist of?

A serveware should comprise a large tray for holding the leading food, bowls for condiments, glasses for beverages, platters for community-shared foods and bars for dried eatables.

What is the best material recommended that should be used in serving utensils?

Serving utensils can be made of various materials that help keep them safe from contamination and chemical leaching. That is why we suggest stainless steel and copper for keeping liquids and aluminium for storing dry goods.

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