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Buy Candle Holder Stand Online

Achieving Refined Decor with giBOX

An eye for hues, designs, and vibes makes for décor that is unmatched and turns heads. And one of the biggest fragments of that is lighting and ambiance. It defines you and allows you to be creative and tell a story. Your safe space should give out the light that heals you.

That is why, we at giBOX, have taken it upon ourselves to give you a range of Candle holder Stands that compliments the colours, design, and furniture of your room.

Materials of Candle Holders to Purchase From

Now that the theme and type of décor are finalized for your house, you can choose the material of your Candle-Stand accordingly to make sure it goes with other articles. We take pride in developing eclectic pieces of art that suit almost all kinds of spaces and give you the edge in trend-setting among your peers and relatives. Choose from our broad types of candle holders or stand that go with different corners of your room

Range of Metal Candle Holders

Crafted by experts, curated with abstract designs, and carved from a variety of iron, brass, and aluminium, this would give you the most luxurious appeal at this price point.

Glass Jar Holders

Thick glass tumblers glazed to abstract metallic designs for your dining space and living area are a perfect starter for your romantic evening.

Royal Marble Stands

This is also used in completing the look of our holders to give the required panache and royalty that is attached to decor articles.

Wooden Holders of Simplicity

And at last, the most favourite of all, mango wood candle stands to add to the minimalist look of your place and exuberate a peaceful aura.


Shop Candle-Stands for Various Interior Themes

Are you the one who expresses your love for art with antique themes or are you utterly consumed by the Boho Style? No matter what is it, we have decorative candle stand holders for every interior theme.

Minimalist Interior

If your house embodies this theme, then going for a stand-out piece of Table Décor candle holders or a tea-light holder set would be a treat for the eye.

Antique Architecture

If rustic pieces of furniture with muted terracotta hues constitute your house, then Vintage or Brass candle stands would do the job of accentuating your style.

Nature Luxury

Naturally, with a lot of plants and greenery in your surroundings, going for wooden and glass candle holders would elevate the simplicity of your space.

Boho Chic Design

If you are influenced by rich colours, patterns, and culture, then hanging tea-light holders will showcase the art-lover in you and brighten your already bright space.


Range of Candles Holder Stands for Every Occasion

giBOX has different segments of Holder Stands to make your candles brighten any place. Check out our range :-

  • Tealight Candles Holders: Best suited as a side table decor idea.
  • Wall Hanging Stands: Would look the prettiest on colourful walls on the occasion of festivities.
  • Votive Candles Stands: Can be used in rangoli art or simply laid down on a floor in bunches.
  • Antique Candle Holders: Can act as a statement piece on your centre table in the living area or on a bedside deck.


Our Bestsellers for Festivities

Provided below are the most cherished options to choose from that go well with New Year, Christmas, Diwali Decoration and much more ;

  • The Ferry Men Tealight Holder
  • Coral Glass Holder
  • The Sage-Tealight Candle Holder


Editor’s Pick for Your Room

Burn-O-Witch Tealight Holder – As funky and gothic as it can get if you are also into ornate designs and have imbibed the stained windows and heavy furniture in your interiors then this piece will only add to its beauty of it.

Crawling Mini-beast Décor – When the Insect Pattern was introduced to the fashion industry, it took everyone by storm. And now that giBOX has adapted it, there is nothing more iconic than this spider that evokes multiple emotions.

Cathedra Glim Candle Holder – This abstract crown-like structure is for the ones to play to win. It screams royalty and would take your guests’ breath away.

Frequently Asked Questions (Candle Stand)

What is the purpose of buying Candle Holder Stands?

The uses of a candle stand holder are multi-faceted. You can use them for safety against fire, to add brightness to your room, and as a statement piece in itself too.

What are the materials used in the stands?

Majority of these stands are made with iron, aluminium, brass, glass, ceramics, and mango wood. You can check the specification of the candle stand of your liking.

How to choose the appropriate Candles holder stand?

You can consider various parameters before picking the right stand. The parameters can be the size of the holder, the place where you keep it, the colour of the room, and your furniture style.

Why buy from giBOX?

giBOX takes pride in providing excellent product guidance, expert craftsmanship, a diverse pool of artisans, and complete Make-in-India products.

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